Sponsorship Opportunity!


Indigenous Cloud is a music and entertainment hosting platform that is designed to help preserve, showcase, and celebrate Indigenous Music and Art.

Our Indigenous run company is passionate about providing a platform to share, connect, and grow Indigenous Music, art, and media in North America and around the world.

Our online streaming platform offers Indigenous artists, musicians, craftspeople, and performers a way to showcase their talent and productions, while simultaneously educating their audience and preserving Indigenous culture, languages, and traditions. Through our professional sound studio and video streaming equipment, we’re able to offer an online experience that makes you feel as if you’re at the performance. Our interactive marketplace makes it easy and seamless for artists to showcase and sell their art in real-time during their performances and events creating a deeper connection and an engaging user experience.

One of the main driving factors behind creating Indigenous Cloud was to give back to Indigenous communities which is why a portion of our profits go directly back to a rotating list of Indigenous community programs. To submit your support for Indigenous Cloud and our vision for sharing indigenous culture through sponsorship, please fill out the form below, providing all necessary sponsorship details. We will review your submission and respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your contribution to sharing Indgenous Culture.