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Indigenous Cloud Network is the Home for Indigenous Culture. We’re an Indigenous streaming platform designed to support, preserve, and empower, Indigenous Artists, Educators, Performers & Communities. Featuring, the World’s largest selection of N. American Indigenous Music, exclusive Indigenous Talk Shows, Educational Classes, Pow Wows, Podcasts, Documentaries, Live Events, and an Online Marketplace, Indigenous Cloud Network is here to connect the World through Indigenous Culture.

For unlimited access to the World’s largest Indigenous music library, exclusive Indigenous Talk Shows, Educational Classes, and more, subscribe today and experience this priceless cultural content, while supporting Indigenous communities, content creators and the preservation of Indigenous Culture for future generations.

Create. Preserve. Inspire.

Find your Grounding with our Peyote Playlist

Find your Grounding with our Peyote Playlist

Peyote songs are the spiritual heart of many Indigenous people. Using a chanting consonant-vowel structure, singers create enveloping sounds for the spirit. In traditional Peyote music, singers are accompanied by the gourd rattle and water drum, but songs can also...

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Indigenous Gospel Music Thrives in North America. 

Indigenous Gospel Music Thrives in North America. 

Gospel music has been adapted by many people around the world, but especially in North America. Gospel takes on unique characteristics in every community it enters, showing the incredible colour and colour this genre has to offer. We are excited to feature a gospel...

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Indigenous Creativity and Healing: Music as Medicine

Indigenous Creativity and Healing: Music as Medicine

Here at Indigenous Cloud, we aren’t strangers to Indigenous creativity. Music has always been a key part of Indigenous culture, regardless of the style or genre. In this blog we will explore the relationship between music and healing. Whether you play your own music...

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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

WordPress Resources at SiteGround

WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their...

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An Extensive Music Library

From Peyote to Fiddle, Indigenous Cloud has a music genre for any type of mood. 

Indigenous Country Music

Indigenous country music is a thriving genre. There are so many talented Indigenous country artists, singing songs, sharing stories, and breaking hearts.

Winter Songs and Winter Traditions

Our culture is who we are. Our ceremonies, traditions, and songs define us as a people, and make us brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, and Kukums and Mushums.

Native American Flute

The Native American flute is a special part of the canon of Indigenous music. Woven into the fabric of who we are and the stories we tell, the flute is a staple in our music.

Indigenous Rock

Hard driving, chest quaking, raw and rebellious Indigenous rock, there’s really nothing better. For all your snare, kick, bass, and growling guitar needs, we have you covered.

Peyote Songs

Indigenous music and art is more than a collection of sounds and colours. Our creations are medicine, given to the people to heal.

Indigenous Gospel

Indigenous Gospel music is an important part of the Indigenous music industry. Connect to Creator and celebrate your love of gospel.

Hand Drumming

The drum is the oldest instrument, and it offers a direct line to the heart. The beat of our peoples moves blood through our bodies, and moves our feet.

Indigenous Oldies

It’s nice to listen to those sounds that remind us of where we are from. Indigenous oldies covers a wide range of wonderful artist, and we’ve still got our fingers on the pulse.


For the quiet, still nights of the soul, nothing beats the singer/songwriter style of music that we all love so much.