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biboon Ojibwe

kapepipon ᑲᐯᐱᐳᐣ Cree

Ukiuk Inuttut

Winter; all of winter 


While the fall has come to a close for many of us, the arrival of winter brings comfort and calm in it’s blanketing wake. In the winter, our music preferences shift. Slow down and curl up and find the perfect comfort for your soul –or dance around the house in wild abandon! We have an incredible collection of great North American Indigenous artists for you to connect with while staying warm and enjoying this beautiful season. 


Gospel to soothe the soul


This winter, find yourself singing in prayer or simply singing along with some of our talented Indigenous gospel artists. We know gatherings, like church, are limited due to Covid 19, so we have many great albums for you to enjoy from the comfort of home.


  1. Ernest Monias
    Jesus is on the Main Line

    Monias is a long time Indigenous music powerhouse. For our Canadian listeners, you can enjoy his tracks anytime, on demand! Try this album for a reflective and spiritual mood.

  2. Hubert Thomas
    Cree Hymns Volume 3

    Start your day in soft reverie with these Cree Hymns. You can stream volumes 1-7 today on Indigenous Cloud. 


Round dance the chill away! 


In the fall and winter months, North American Indigenous people gather for traditional celebrations called round dances. These indoor events are a staple of the fall and winter months, bringing together communities for food, celebration, and dance. 


While we cannot enjoy an indoor gathering together in the same way this year, let us not forget the spirit of gathering and sharing space with our community. Honour Indigenous traditions by listening to some of our most popular round dance music. 


  1. Nathan ‘Rikishi’ Pelly & Brad Crain
    Big & Tall Rock N the Hall

Get the full round dance experience with Pelly and Crain, together on this amazing and upbeat album. 


  1. Logan Alexis’ 4th Annual Memorial Round Dance Live

Round Dance Time


An amazing multi-artist compilation. The live recording makes you feel as though you are there in person. 


Motivate yourself with a toe-tapping fiddle track! 


The iconic sound of the fiddle, in particular the Métis fiddle, was influenced by First Nations, Scottish, and French music. Métis fiddling uses syncopation, just like good old ragtime! This rhythmic structure stresses the normally unaccented beats and extra beats, giving the music its characteristic bounce. 


Métis fiddling is an essential part of the Métis community. Whether the dancing takes place at home, in the community hall, at the church, or in the local school, the fiddle is sure to get everybody dancing and warm. Try out some of our favourite Metis fiddle tunes today!


  1. Reg Bouvette 

A Fiddling Legend


You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing around in the living room, with the legendary fiddler himself! 


  1. Marcelle Meilleur 

Fiddle Fantasy


A stomping good time will be had, if you put this album on! Did you know that playing upbeat music can help you avoid the winter blues? Try it out today. 


Find the soundtrack to your winter wonderland 


It might be cold outside, but Indigenous Cloud has the largest selection of Indigenous music from all over North America for you to choose from. Connect to your favourite artist today, whether it’s upbeat fiddling, reflective gospel, or traditional pow wow and round dance, we have everything you need to get through this winter. Register now to start your 1 month free trial!