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Indigenous Gospel Music Thrives in North America.

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 13 Mar 2021

Gospel music has been adapted by many people around the world, but especially in North America. Gospel takes on unique characteristics in every community it enters, showing the incredible colour and colour this genre has to offer. We are excited to feature a gospel playlist from our favourite artists on Indigenous Cloud. Listen on the web or from our app –– Indigenous music for anywhere you find yourself! 

Indigenous musicians create beautiful gospel music.

While settler populations brought gospel music to North America, it has been skillfully adapted for Indigenous worship. Artists such as Ernest Monias and Brian Stoner have unique interpretations of popular hymns and worship songs, plus their own original repertoire. Explore these singer-songwriter's acoustic gospel recordings, whether for worship or the enjoyment of the genre. Gospel and country often overlap, and that’s no exception on Indigenous Cloud, so we encourage you to explore Gospel today. 

Our top 3 Indigenous Gospel Albums 

We have a great library of gospel music, which plays an essential role in the spiritual lives of many. Whether you’re having a quiet reflection over breakfast or enjoying a record with friends, we know you’ll find something you love. Put on your Sunday best and listen to some of our favourite albums!

George Anderson

Who Will Sing for Me

The Gouchie Family

Gospel Favourites

Ernest Monias
The Gospel Side of….

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