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Indigenous Cloud Presents: Rock and Roll Ryan Peekeekoot of Black Rain

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 23 Jun 2021

In this month’s interview series, we sat down with Ryan Peekeekoot of Black Rain to talk about Indigenous culture, music, and their hopes for young artists. View All

Indigenous Cloud Presents: Wanita Bird.

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 09 Jun 2021

We were lucky enough to chat with incredibly talented Indigenous artist Wanita Bird this week. She’s a multi-talented and community-oriented Cree artist from Treaty Six in Saskatchewan. View All

COVID-19 and Music ! Supporting Indigenous Artists during Uncertain Times

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 05 May 2021

Black wired headphones on a magenta lit white desk
We’ve been reflecting both on the loss of our Elders to this virus and also being prevented from cherished community events. We want to share some of our favourite sounds that we hold close to our hearts, and we look forward to being at pow-wows, round dances, and potlatches with you again soon. View All

Find your Grounding with our Peyote Playlist

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 12 Apr 2021

Peyote songs are the spiritual heart of many Indigenous people. Using a chanting consonant-vowel structure, singers create enveloping sounds for the spirit. Read on to listen to our favourite Peyote tracks, and let us know which song is your favourite. View All

Indigenous Gospel Music Thrives in North America.

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 13 Mar 2021

Gospel music has been adapted by many people around the world, but especially in North America. Gospel takes on unique characteristics in every community it enters, showing the incredible colour and colour this genre has to offer. View All

Indigenous Creativity and Healing: Music as Medicine

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 10 Feb 2021

Here at Indigenous Cloud, we aren’t strangers to Indigenous creativity. Music has always been a key part of Indigenous culture, regardless of the style or genre. In this blog we will explore the relationship between music and healing. View All

The Hidden History of Indigenous Country Music

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 22 Jan 2021

3 Indigenous Country tunes you can turn your dial to! On Indigenous Cloud, we have over five generations of Indigenous music for you to discover, and country music is no exception. View All

Indigenous Winter Songs & Winter Traditions

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 20 Nov 2020

While the fall has come to a close for many of us, the arrival of winter brings comfort and calm in it’s blanketing wake. In the winter, our music preferences shift. Slow down and curl up and find the perfect comfort for your soul –or dance around the house in wild abandon! View All

Dust off those records! Find and Love Indigenous Music of the past

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 03 Nov 2020

Finding that old record can build a relationship to those who have listened to it before, and the feeling of those who recorded them. We have an incredible archive of music for you to look through. View All

Add Indigenous music to your classroom!

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 08 Oct 2020

Increasingly, lesson plans in schools are being structured to include Indigneous education, and luckily, Indigenous Cloud is an incredible resource for teachers! We have the largest library of current Indigenous music from a variety of genres, from Indigenous Music Award winning artists. View All

Our top 5 Native American Flute albums

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 25 Aug 2020

This beautiful and intricate instrument exhibits gorgeous tones that are perfect for studying, relaxing, or as part of your morning meditation. Unwind and listen to our favourite new Native American flute albums. View All

This Month’s Indigenous Cloud 5 Featured Artists

By Indigenous Cloud, published on 22 Jul 2020

Hand Drums are played at pow wows, round dances, and more. These 5 featured artist all utilize this integral instrument to create beautiful sounds we know you’ll love. View All
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