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About Us

About Us

Indigenous Cloud is a family-run project based in Alberta, Canada. This Indigenous run project is passionate about the distribution and the preservation of Indigenous music and media in North America and around the world. Founders Jeffrey and Wyatt Parker have been immersed in the Indigenous music and culture industries since they were young children. Working closely with their father, George Parker, they have developed an online media management portal for music distribution. The online platform offers North American Indigenous artists, musicians, craftspeople, and performers a way to showcase their talent and productions while simultaneously educating listeners and preserving Indigenous culture, languages, and traditions.

Parker Entertainment 

Indigenous Cloud works closely with Parker Entertainment to produce new music on a regular basis for Indigenous Cloud. With a passion for Indigenous music and cultural preservation, paired with the skills and knowledge he acquired through 3 decades of experience, George Parker founded Parker Entertainment Inc in 2004. Since then, Parker has produced around 250 Indigenous master recordings. Within the past year, he has acquired an additional 600 Indigenous master recordings, making Parker Entertainment the largest Indigenous record label in the world. 

George Parker

George Parker has been a massive influence in the North American Indigenous music industry for over 30 years, producing over 250 Indigenous albums across many genres. Over the years his albums and artists have won many awards and many more nominations from across Turtle Island.  Being proud Metis and not wanting this great cultural music to be lost or hidden away, Parker—together with his sons Jeffrey and Wyatt—decided what was needed was a platform to showcase Indigenous artists that might never otherwise be found, and make their music accessible to the world.


  • Gather and preserve the world’s largest collection of Indigneous music
  • Showcase Indigenous music, media and culture to the world
  • Connect Indigenous artists with the means for professional production
  • Profit share with artists
  • Build a community to share and enjoy this rich indigneous cultural material
  • Livestream Indigenous concerts and cultural events
  • Provide an accessible platform for Indigenous artists to showcase their culture and music

What are the advantages of Indigenous Cloud?
Unique selection of music

Indigenous Cloud brings you the music of Indigenous artists going back 5 generations. We have music from all genres such as Indigenous, Fiddle, Country, Rock, Peyote, Flute and many more.

Exclusive New Releases

Indigenous Cloud will be bringing you exclusive new releases from a wide selection of your favorite artists, musicians and groups.

Live Events

Indigenous Cloud will be streaming live Indigenous concerts and events.

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