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Blow the dust off your Nimošôm’s (Grandfather cree) record collection, and get ready to find your favourite new track. While we have many contemporary artists on Indigenous Cloud, we also host a huge collection of music from across the decades for you to cherish. 


Build connections through music 


Finding that old record can build a relationship to those who have listened to it before, and the feeling of those who recorded them. We have an incredible archive of music for you to look through. 


Our top 3 Indigenous Oldies 


  1. Ernest Monias

The “meme king” himself! Monias, a Cree rock legend, started his career in the 1970’s and has since seen an upsurge in listeners thanks to the internet’s love of a good meme. Lucky for you, we’ve got him available to stream for our Canadian listeners. 


  1. Jody T. Gaskin

This Ojibway rocker hails from the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario area. Growing up, he was surrounded by a rich cultural heritage of music, drumming, and community. As a result, he has developed a completely unique style which fuses the traditional sounds with contemporary rhythms. Not only is he a talented musician and flute maker, but he is also a champion traditional and hoop dancer, a singer with several drum groups following the pow wow trail, and is a well known Master of Ceremonies. Check his amazing albums out on Indigenous Cloud. 


  1. Winston Wuttunee

Winston Wuttunee has been a cherished indigenous performer since 1973! This lifetime achievement award (2002, AAA)  winning musician began in the Canadian Guards Regimental Band as a Clarinetist. He since expanded his purview to include Rock & Roll, Blues, Country & Western, Pop, and Classical. This multi-lingual (Cree, French, English, and German)  artist resides in Edmonton, Alberta with his wonderful family. We hope you’ll check him out!


Give those digital records some play time!


Head over and register today to see all the amazing retro records we have in store for you. Connect to decades of Indigenous creativity today!