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Increasingly, lesson plans in schools are being structured to include Indigenous education, and luckily, Indigenous Cloud is an incredible resource for teachers! We have the largest library of current Indigenous music from a variety of genres, from Indigenous Music Award winning artists, to up and coming artists fresh off the pow wow circuit. There is an amazing selection of music from all over North America for teacher’s to play in the classroom. 


Music demonstrates the incredible diversity of Indigenous culture! 


Including Indigenous content in your learning plan is an amazing way to support artists, and show your students the thriving communities around them. We believe that, while learning about the history of colonialism is an essential part of education, so too is demonstrating the rich culture that is flourishing in the present. Indigenous music is a wonderful tool for celebrating Indigenous knowledge and culture in your school!  


3 Indigenous artists to play in your classroom!

    1. Pow wow | Poundmaker | Live at Sakicawasihk

    2. Hand drum | Blackstone | Lonely Memories

  • Children | Winston Wuttunee | Children’s Songs In Cree

Include Indigenous content in your curriculum


Sharing the vibrant sounds of diverse music is an incredibly powerful tool within our education systems. Our teachers can support the meaningful inclusion of Indigenous content and perspectives by bringing a wide variety of resources to their lesson plans. Teaching children about the rich and varied history and future of the Indigenous people in their province and country is a critical step towards a future without racism, and we are pleased to be a powerful resource for teachers. Support current artists, producers, and business’ while celebrating the exuberance of Indigenous culture with your students. 


We are happy to offer the largest library of Indigenous content to your curriculum. Our teachers and our children are the future, nourish them with Indigenous Cloud. We are your place for pow wow, fiddle, Native-American flute, and more!! Visit our website or download the app to start your 1 month free trial!